Saturday, May 22, 2010


This was a little bit closer to this trouser snake than our correspondent Katie wanted to be. Poor Katie, all the way from the Grand Ave. L to Manhattan with only this to look at.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guerrilla Subway Etiquette posters

According to jayshells, an artist who polled people on their biggest subway pet peeves, the top 10 include: nail clipping, religion, noise pollution, physical contact, hygiene, disregard of seating priority, garbage disposal (or lack thereof), eating, subway stair etiquette, and... he only listed 9 for some reason? anyway, jayshells made posters to correspond with each annoyance and put them up in subway stations around the city, so make sure to keep an out. I'm hoping to snag a 'nail clipping' one for myself.

Via Gothamist

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pet peeve #1902950960: strollers on the subway

Babies! They're everywhere! In your row on the airplane, at your table at Pete's Candy Store, and inevitably taking up too much space in strollers on the subway. Which, by the way, is against the rules, but is seemingly one of those rules that no one obeys, because no one ever wants to yell at a mom. But I mean, come on, this kid is like 5 years old! He barely even fits in that thing. I had to do a double take because at first I thought maybe he was like a baby with gigantism. But nope, totally normal 5 year old, in a stroller, on a crowded train. Annoying, and weird for sure, but I bet that kid gets anything he wants. Teach me, oh spoiled one!

Can I make fun of a kid for wearing crocs? No? Sigh, OK fine, won't go there.

Deep Thoughts

Why, oh why, do men use hair gel if they're balding? I really don't understand. I mean, I suppose that they think, "hey, I'm tall, its not that anyone is going to see the top of my head anyway, let's put some Dep up in that shit." Except that, since chivalry is obviously dead and you decided that you needed that seat more than I did even though I got on the train ahead of you, all I'm going to have to look at all the way from Wall Street to Union Square, is the top of your head. And I had a whole ten minutes to ponder your choice of hair products and why you would choose such a thing. And unfortunately for you, I also took your picture and posted it on my blog where I bitch about such things.