Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FML Path

apparently someone over at the MTA has a sense of humor....who knew?

p.s. - for those who haven't heard, the MTA has officially merged the V train with the M. The M will run, as always, from Queens through Williamsburg, Brooklyn, into Lower Manhattan, but at its first Manhattan stop (Essex St) it will take over the V’s route and travel north to the Forest Hills-71st Avenue stop in Queens (meaning M train service in Lower Manhattan / southern Brooklyn is now eliminated).

It's the L train

...not the VPL train.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rate my mullet

OK, you all remember the mullet craze of the early aughts right? This was the beginning of the hipster craze of appropriation of traditionally redneck styles and interests, such as PBR, trucker hats, 80's metal, belt buckles, etc... Happily for this Mexican dude, this particular trend seems to have faded away, so no one can accuse him of being ironic for rocking this uber-mullet on the L anymore.

This summer's strategy to get laid

Step 1:
Buy Foucault book

Step 2:
Read on the L train

Step 3:
Sit back and wait