Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rise and Grime!

Having lived in New York for over a decade now, we here at I Hate the Subway have had our fair share of runs in with rats over the years (most notably as evidenced by this 2005 NY Times article).

Look, we realize the subway tracks, and even the platform, are fair game for rats...but the train itself??  No one expects to find one there, sitting next to you, or under your feet, just hanging out...until, today when gothamist posted this video:


If that's not a reason to never fall asleep on the subway, i don't know what is. What surprises me most is how no one on the train seems to be  upset or even all that concerned (aside from the guy who was smart enough to capture this on video). The sight of just a wee little mouse is enough to make most people (ok, women) jump up and down screaming, and yet no one in this train car seems all that freaked out. All I have to say is, if this ever happens in my train car, I highly suggest you hide your eardrums.

(Thanks to Natila and Ian for sending this in!)

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