Friday, July 22, 2011

as if you needed another reason to avoid the L train in the morning... can now add crazy raging fat black ladies to the list.

there are so many things to love about this video:

i use the word "love" loosely here to mean amuse, concern, baffle, etc. here's a short list of highlights...

- that some woman is dumb enough to spray mace in the face of another woman while her own child is a mere few inches away
- that the baby stroller goes rolling right off the train and said woman doesn't even notice
- that no one even tries to break this up, everyone just runs away
- the part where the woman in the white has to pick her weave up off the floor of the train (perhaps this incident sheds some light onto this mystery from last year...)
- that this is on the L train
- wait, did that lady really mace that other lady at 9:37am? seriously???


(thanks to the lovely and amazing Sara for sending this in!)

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