Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Third Nail

i hate subway groomers. what is it about public transportation that makes people want to file, clip, brush and/or paint themselves? i don't need to dodge your dirty nail clippings on top of trying to tactfully hold on to the pole with one finger (you fellow germaphobes out there know what I'm talking about) while avoiding the two guys doing dance moves for nickels and the passive-aggressive chick shoving her purse into my back instead of just stepping into the middle of the train.  Although, I kinda feel bad for this little guy. Thinking back to high school and all those over-achieving Asian kids and their 5.0 GPAS, I can't help but wonder if the only personal time his parents give him free from studying is on the train to/from school....and the poor guy has to waste it clipping his finger nails when he should be reading comic books or whatever it is non-Asian 11 year old boys are into these days.

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