Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A week in subway riding

This week, the following bizarre occurrences happened to me on the subway:

1) My L train car smelled like a skunk. Having grown up on the edge of a forest in Northern California, this is a smell that I am all too familiar with. I've smelled some terrible things on the subway (using having to do with crazies who do not bath or late-night vomit) but where on earth could this skunk odor come from?

2) I sat next to a guy who burped the entire way from Union Square to my stop at Graham Ave on the L. He kept trying to cover it up with a napkin but in a way that just made it more gross. It was that special kind of burp like when your mom has had too much diet coke.

3) Heather and I ran into the infamous "Free Bouncy Rides" dolphin/perv late on a Friday night at the 1st Avenue L train platform.

Neither blog editor opted for a ride.

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